Flutter experts?
That’s us.

Mobile app development in Flutter!

Whether you need to completely outsource your Flutter app development, require support or anything in between, we’re a team of experienced developers ready to solve your Flutter problems.

Your challenge, our solutions

Mobile App Development

Do you want a mobile application for your business? Knowing you goals, we can build it from scratch by means of in-depth workshops and a thorough design and development process.

Flutter Development Company

Are you searching for a Flutter development company? Look no further. Here at Fluttermate we’ve got you covered. We develop and maintain Flutter mobile applications.

Rebuild app with Flutter

Does your current application require an update to new technology or performance optimization? Flutter is the best framework to shift your iOS/Android applications to and deploy a single code-base mobile app!

Consulting before deployment

Not sure what your mobile app needs to include? Learn more about your users, clients, competitors and market. Build solutions for problems that people would like to pay for to be solved.

Mobile app design

Do you need to redesign your mobile app? We base app design on global UX trends resulting in maximum product functionality and utility.

Taking over the app

You started working on an app, but you would like us to develop it? No problem – we will take over the app in a safe way and deal with its development and modernization.

Support and maintenance

We remain at your disposal after the application deployment. We update the app and provide additional tech support and infrastructure maintenance.

Not sure what to choose?
A free technical consultation will help you choose the service that best suits your needs.

Our competitve advantages

Transfer of IP

We guarantee that you’re the owner of Intellectual Property rights from the project’s kick-off to the end of the world!

2 weeks free contract cancelation

Are you uncertain? You have 2 weeks to cancel your contract free of charge. It’s a good time to trial cooperation with us!

Focusing on business goals

Product isn’t good if it doesn’t resolve the business or users’ challenges and meet their goals. We focus on those issues including budget estimation and offer the most suitable solution for you.

Outcomes first

We know that workshops, design and programming are important but at the end of the day, you expect results. To meet your expectations, we have divided our workflow into many stages, thanks to which you see the results of working with us step by step.

Transparent services

We don’t work for you, we work with you! Thanks to this, you clearly understand what’s going on with your project and we build a relationship based on trust, which is the most important value for us.

4 years’ experience in Flutter

It’s simple! Like a good aunt looking after a baby since its birth, we take care of Flutter! For 4 years we have resolved hundreds of our client’s challenges using Flutter, thanks to which we have sufficient experience to resolve yours.

About us

We’re a Flutter app development agency and part of the IT-solve group, a software house with over 10 years of experience. We’ve been successfully carrying out Flutter projects for over 4 years, with a team of 25 professional developers and project managers.

Free consultation

Contact with success manager and describe your challenge. It’s free! Always!

    What next?

    After reading your message, I will contact you within 24 hours using the type of contact which you choose. During the next contact, we will discuss your project in detail and I will prepare for you a suitable solution. It’s free!


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