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How does our service differ?

After completing 80+ projects, we've observed that many hesitate to begin due to challenges in specifying mobile apps. This results in inconsistent pricing and concerns about user reception. Often, this stems from limited knowledge of software development, complicating decisions for non-tech individuals. Our Discovery Workshops address this by evaluating an app's market potential, planning its structure, and defining its requirements, guided by professionals. These can be remote or on-site, where we merge app development insight with business analytics.

We use a number of business tools designed to answer such questions as:

Finally you will receive a concise and accessibly-written document containing specific knowledge about your business and your product.

What does a discovery workshop look like?

During the four days of the workshop, our expert will help dispel your doubts regarding the implementation of the project, using carefully selected business tools. The workshops are laid out as a consistent process, during which you answer questions about your project, ranging from general to detailed ones.

1 Stakeholders Mapping

A tool which allows us to determine who should participate in the workshop. The selected participants are not only decision-makers, but also stakeholders if it is possible. Mapping is conducted a few days before the planned workshop, which makes it possible to adjust the workshop schedule to the work schedule of the participants as early as possible.

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2 Lean Model Canvas

It is common that we only have a general vision, not a concrete one. We apply the Lean Model Canvas to learn more about your business. It allows us to gain a business perspective of the target users and of the potential methods of investment monetization. Eventually we are able to summarize our insights as a one-page business plan.

3 Product Vision

This tool makes it possible to translate the product vision into concrete principles. It addresses the issue of the target user and their needs and will allow you to realize which business goals the users of your product want to achieve.

4 User Persona

For any business to bring benefits, the end user should be the centre of attention. The user persona tool allows us to realize who and how users will utilize your product. This in turn makes it possible to identify the inconsistencies of the target group and arrange all the information in the form of clear sheets. What's more, we will make sure that the functionalities planned for the further stages of the project will be aimed at the right target users.

5 User Story Mapping

This stage of the workshop involves describing the behavior of product users in the form of stories. The descriptions are grouped according to functionality, so that the initial structure of the product is laid out right ahead of you. This is a quick and inexpensive form of acquiring a requirement list to develop an application that gives priority to user needs.

6 MoSCoW prioritization

This method involves describing and labelling the collected functionalities as must have, should have, won’t have and could have, both from a user and business perspective, to be implemented in the project. This will help you avoid the "featurists" effect, i.e. emphasizing functionality instead of value. During this stage, our expert (together with your team) streamlines the product into MVP and applies percentage budget trimming to simulate the selection of the key functionalities. As a result, you receive a detailed implementation plan and build awareness of such functionalities that do not directly offer value for the user.

7 Completion risk analysis

Having collected a lot of detailed information about your business and product, we analyze it in terms of completion risk. We mark key stages of the development cycle which may lead to problems with the application’s completion. By doing so we want to avoid problems at the early stages which may lead to development delays or financial issues.

8 Lo-Fi Prototypee

A Lo-Fi Prototypee (which stands for ‚low fidelity’) is a tool that enables you to quickly visualize your product as an interactive mockup. We do not focus on colors at this stage. The most important task is to present all the agreed functionalities and show how the application will work. The mockup may be used as a tool for testing user needs.

9 Application development cost

Having collected detailed information about your business and product, we are able to estimate the cost of the application. Such estimation is of a non-binding nature and its key purpose is to demonstrate the project’s value based on specific conclusions and decisions. If you decide to compare our offer with competing ones on the market, you will be sure that the differences in pricing do not result from the low quality of the project brief and its accuracy level will be much higher than in the case of a simple application description.

  Additional stages

If the vision of your project is much more complex, we can additionally utilize two other tools, which will allow you to gain further insights on top of the basic process.

+ Proof of Concept

This tool is used to verify the validity of your business idea among target users or in a company. These are prototype versions of the project, built to show the possibilities and benefits of the future solution. Our task is to present the business results of a given idea in an environment as close to the production environment as possible.

+ Event Storming

A comprehensive tool used to create structurally complex and much more complicated information systems. It is also applied in process-based solutions. We utilize it to jointly understand the complexity of requirements, internal mechanisms, chronology of events, the process and user permissions, all in order to properly map functionalities and establish accurate application architecture. This tool will allow you to thoroughly understand the user process in the application and identify those process areas that need to be optimized.

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Frequently asked questions

How long are discovery workshops?

Discovery workshops are conducted by our team and last a total of 8 days, of which 4 days require your participation. After the 4th day, you receive the first results of our efforts, such as solid conclusions and specific knowledge about your product. The next 4 days involve solely our work, including preparation of the UX prototype and cost estimate.

Who participates in the workshops?

We are aware that one person can't get quality knowledge across, so we compose a team of several experts, including a business analyst, a ux designer and a programmer.

Will the compactness of workshops adversely affect their quality?

Our workshop process has been thoroughly refined in order to prevent low quality related to time constraints. If we notice that the compact workshop form will not be suitable for your project, we will explicitly inform about it during the initial meeting and propose a tailor-made solution. We know, however, that the basic workshop is completely sufficient and meets customer expectations in case of 95% of mobile application development instances.

How much do discovery workshops cost?

The discovery workshop’s cost is fixed for both small and large-scale projects.

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It is recommend when your project is at an early conceptual stage. The discovery workshop will let us explore the feasibility of the project and its market potential as well as enable us to identify the success factors. We will identify those functionalities that may pose a risk to the project and prepare a detailed development plan. At the final stage, we will prepare a low-fidelity mockup to provide you with a general visualization of your project.

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This service involves developing applications according to users' expectations. It is suitable for projects that are targeted at a particular market, have defined specifications and thought-out functionalities. It facilitates complementing business analysis with knowledge of user needs, which results in a highly detailed and well thought-out interactive graphic prototype. It is another factor helping verify the feasibility of the investment and reduce potential risks. Product Design service is also suitable for existing applications tackling such issues as low conversion or high complexity.

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If you decide to cooperate with our entire team, you will gain access to a Project Manager who will align your business needs with a team of Flutter specialists, application designers, digital product programmers, and testers. This option is recommended if you do not have your own team, if your current team is generating too much internal cost, or if there is high employee turnover in your team.

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By choosing to hire individual specialists, you will have the opportunity to immediately expand your team with new competencies without multidisciplinary support. This option is recommended if the skills of your employees are insufficient to implement a non-standard solution or if frequent employee turnover leads to shortages in the team.

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