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How does our service differ?

Browsing mobile app development options can be daunting with unclear processes and security concerns, making it challenging to commit to creating your own app. We prioritize your peace of mind by emphasizing transparency in our approach, differing from our competitors. You'll know exactly how our team works, who's involved, and who oversees deployment. Additionally, our service emphasizes app and user security, making testing a vital part of our process, not just an add-on.

What does Mobile Development look like?

Mobile application programming process

1 Technical documentation

You provide us with the technical specifications or requirements of your mobile application, developed jointly or individually during a discovery workshop.

2 Analysis and roadmap

We review the provided documentation and define responsibilities, assign a team and schedule tasks.

3 Project kickoff

A dedicated team begin work on the application to meet your or users' needs and goals.

4 Agile application development

We develop software by adding functionalities one at a time, starting with those that make up the backbone of the application. This stage of the process takes an iterative form until all functionalities have been implemented.The stage involves a more detailed process.

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5 Approval and deployment

When all the functionalities have been implemented, we wait for your approval and then and we make the application available to users in the Google Play and AppStore stores.

6 Application support and maintenance

We make sure your application is always up-to-date, secure and stable, and if you need additional functionalities, we are ready to help you implement them.

Agile application development process

A Pull Request

A developer informs the team that a new piece of code has been written.


A code check which verifies code’s compatibility with the rest of the application is automatically triggered.

C Code Review

Another developer from the team verifies the quality of the written code. If improvements are needed, the code is updated.

D Committing code changes

When the new piece of code is properly written, it is merged with the rest of the code.

E Manual tests

A tester performs manual tests of the implemented feature.

F Functionality completion

The functionality has been implemented and the developer moves on to the next one.

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Quick estimation

Why Flutter?

Flutter is a Google framework that facilitates creating native iOS and Android apps from a single code base.

What this means for you is that apps can be developed much faster, with the added benefit of reduced costs. This can be a great advantage for startups or anyone who wants to create an MVP. Thanks to Flutter's layered architecture, apps render very quickly, resulting in a more pleasant user experience.

Popular Projects build with Flutter:

Android 400H
Ios 400H
Flutter 500H
Android+IOS 1000H

AVG. Time to develop Mobile Application With Different Methods (IN HOURS)

IP transfer

We guarantee that you own the intellectual property rights from the project’s kickoff to the end of the world!

Two-week cost-free contract cancellation policy

Feeling not sure? You can terminate the contract cost-free within two weeks. Such amount of time is sufficient to get a taste of what cooperation with us is like.

4 years of Flutter experience

It's simple! Like a good auntie looking after a child since birth, we take care of Flutter! Over the past four years we have solved hundreds of our customers' Flutter challenges, so we have enough experience to tackle yours.

How do we assure high quality?

Our team's experience shows that simply programming pre-planned functions is not enough. Even the best programmer may miss some important details. In order to ensure the highest quality of programming services and protect your budget against the risk of loss due to errors, we apply a number of software testing methods during the programming process. As a result, you gain confidence that your application will be bug-free.

It’s essential to dispel any doubts right at the beginning

Frequently asked questions

What services and products do you offer?

The FlutterMate team is responsible for mobile application development, IT solutions consulting and process optimization. We specialize in developing tailor-made mobile applications. We adopt a comprehensive approach to each order - from concept, through creation, development, testing to maintenance of the project.

What is your experience of IT projects realization?

Our team has realized and completed dozens of projects. Our competences involve programming, IT project management and analytics. However, our skills and experience are not limited to code development. We are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive service - from idea to development and maintenance.

What does the project acceptance involve?

We believe in a trust-based cooperation, so we will provide you with a detailed specification and system acceptance criteria prior to signing the contract. The functionalities outside the scope of the specification will be accepted on the basis of separate documents and annexes to the original contract. All documentation will be prepared in an orderly form, and the project manager will clarify all possible ambiguities for you.

How many members of the Flutter Mate team are involved in the project?

We work in dedicated teams assigned to each project. The size and composition of each team depends on the scope of work. Every team is managed by a Project Manager, who makes key decisions and is responsible for liaising with the client. The average team for a single project consists of five members.

How quickly can you begin work?

This depends on our current workload. At the beginning, we always strive to clearly specify all terms and conditions. We prefer to operate in a planned manner, with the project kick-off scheduled in advance, which gives each party a chance to prepare properly.

How do you settle projects?

All commissioned orders are settled according to two possible cooperation models:

1. Time & Material - the offer includes a framework implementation plan of the finished system and an estimation of the time needed for its development. Work is settled in a cyclical manner based on hourly rates, and specification is devised as the product develops. Billing method used in this model allows us to kick off the project virtually immediately, and the client pays for the actual work hours.

2. Fixed Price - the offer includes an exact cost and time estimation for system deployment. Development is divided into stages, which facilitates partial acceptance of deliverables and billing. This settlement method is effective for projects that have specifications and clearly defined functionalities.

Can we sign an NDA?

Yes, we are committed professionals and we always treat cooperation as confidential. If you wish to protect information we are given, we can sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

Do you work according to Agile principles?

Sure we do. Our project managers follow the best agile principles, and make sure that every taken step brings business benefits to our client. We focus on delivering valuable software and are able to adjust to changing requirements. We cooperate closely with our clients and regularly communicate any project issues.

What applications do you develop?

Our team creates professional mobile applications for iOS and Android using the cross-platform Flutter technology. Our services include dedicated software development, software integration and software development. All applications and programs we make are based on the individual needs and expectations of the client and the specifics of their industry.

Why should I delegate my project to FlutterMate?

Our team has plenty of experience. We have developed many excellent mobile applications for clients in various industries. We are a close-knit team of qualified specialists, with skills confirmed by numerous certificates. Our extensive knowledge allow us to deliver a product that will satisfy the most demanding users. When creating modern solutions, our company applies the best technologies and industry practices, selected so as to achieve your goal in the most effective way. We constantly improve developed products, simultaneously making sure that it is launched as soon as possible. Our experts write high quality, clean and bug-free code, which is easy to understand, extend and maintain by other development teams. After the deployment of the application, our specialists are available to clients. We provide comprehensive support, which ensures that the product is always properly optimized and adapted to market changes.

What does cooperation with FlutterMate look like?

If you are interested in cooperation with us, please contact us by phone, email or by an enquiry form available on the site. Our software company will conduct a preliminary business analysis for you. We will invite you to a meeting in order to talk about your project - its purpose, its issues, and the results you want to achieve. If you have code or an application from a previous project, our IT company can analyze it for you at this stage. The next step involves arranging a project workshop at your company's premises or ours. We are also able to efficiently conduct the workshop remotely. During the workshop, we will build the team to meet your needs, determine the exact scope of work, and assign a project supervisor - a person who will represent your company and provide you with information on the next stages of the project. It is also at this stage that our IT software house will clarify all the project details, and then our cooperation can begin.

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Discovery Workshops
Product Design
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Mobile Development in Flutter

It is recommend when your project is at an early conceptual stage. The discovery workshop will let us explore the feasibility of the project and its market potential as well as enable us to identify the success factors. We will identify those functionalities that may pose a risk to the project and prepare a detailed development plan. At the final stage, we will prepare a low-fidelity mockup to provide you with a general visualization of your project.

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This service involves developing applications according to users' expectations. It is suitable for projects that are targeted at a particular market, have defined specifications and thought-out functionalities. It facilitates complementing business analysis with knowledge of user needs, which results in a highly detailed and well thought-out interactive graphic prototype. It is another factor helping verify the feasibility of the investment and reduce potential risks. Product Design service is also suitable for existing applications tackling such issues as low conversion or high complexity.

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A transparent software development service that facilitates comprehensive control of tasks, time and budget. A high-quality application development is conducted by means of regular functional testing steps and carefully maintained code repositories. It grants access to professionals with hands-on experience of 2-7 years.

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An optional post-development service for your mobile app that will guarantee a continuous app operation and let you keep calm and shift your focus to scaling your business and acquiring new customers. This is achieved by applying systems that analyze application performance, take care of cloud data backup and in a crisis situation, immediately respond and recover system performance.

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Start working with Flutter professionals Recommended for CTOs

Work with high-achieving Flutter team Flutter Development
Hire Flutter team into yours Flutter Development

If you decide to cooperate with our entire team, you will gain access to a Project Manager who will align your business needs with a team of Flutter specialists, application designers, digital product programmers, and testers. This option is recommended if you do not have your own team, if your current team is generating too much internal cost, or if there is high employee turnover in your team.

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By choosing to hire individual specialists, you will have the opportunity to immediately expand your team with new competencies without multidisciplinary support. This option is recommended if the skills of your employees are insufficient to implement a non-standard solution or if frequent employee turnover leads to shortages in the team.

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