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How does our service differ?

Completing mobile app development is a significant milestone, especially when partners handle all development aspects. However, apps need frequent updates due to tech advancements, industry or app store regulations, and user access concerns. It's essential to monitor your app for user behavior and ensure it can handle increased loads. Maintaining an app also involves adding features and ensuring compatibility with new devices and OS versions. Simply finishing development doesn't mean you're done; you may still need to invest time in performance monitoring and ensuring security, user satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

How can we help?

We are aware of all the above-mentioned challenges, so we have divided our mobile application maintenance and support service into four segments, providing you with flexibility to choose a service that meets the needs of your business.

1 Mobile app expansion
2 User safety assurance
3 Quality assurancee and performance optimization
4 Application’s legal compliance

The ideal service segment when you need to expand your application, restore its compatibility or rebuild it.

Payment method: Time & Material

  • We will develop and implement new features and modules in your application (including those responsible for AR, IoT, biometrics and other innovative features).
  • We will update the code of your application to ensure its compatibility with new devices and operating systems.
  • We will implement new or improve existing integrations with third-party service providers.
  • We will redesign and rebuild the application architecture.
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The greatest value you can offer your app users is their security and safety of their data. We support mobile app owners in ensuring the security and integrity of their business data as well as the data collected from users.

Payment method: Subscription Fee

  • We comprehensively monitor the security of the mobile application and diagnose occurring errors.
  • We regularly analyze the application code and conduct security audits.
  • We perform penetration tests to eliminate areas prone to data leakage.
  • We eliminate the detected vulnerabilities using patches and urgent code updates.
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Your app-related users’ expectations and needs are growing as fast as the app market is expanding. In order for your investment to meet user needs and remain competitive, you should constantly control the quality and performance of your application as well as guarantee easy accessibility.

Payment method: Time & Material

  • We monitor the performance of your application and ensure rapid detection of occurring problems.
  • We optimize your application, server and database code to improve your application performance as much as possible.
  • We perform various mobile application tests including manual, automated and load tests.
  • We run the application usability and accessibility tests among your users by means of usability testing, session recording and analytics software.
  • We conduct user experience audits.
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Maintaining your app's compliance with all required regulations can often be overwhelming, especially when you're not up to date with all of the legal developments. It's worthwhile to protect your investment from sudden service disconnections and have your mobile app's legal compliance guaranteed by specialists.

Payment method: Subscription Fee

  • Diagnostics of application compliance with iOS and Android operating system guidelines.
  • Customization of apps and servers to comply with industry standards such as HIPAA, RODO/GPDR or PCI DSS.
  • Monitoring changes in App Store and Google Play requirements and policies for apps distributed by those stores.
  • Detecting incompatibilities with operating system guidelines, industry regulations and store policies, and implementing patches or planning updates as part of the application update plan.
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Which tools do we use to control your app’s quality?

Firebase Crashlytics

It is a lightweight, real-time crash reporting tool that helps you track, prioritize and fix stability issues that degrade your application. Crashlytics saves troubleshooting time by intelligently grouping crashes and highlighting the circumstances that led to them.


Elmah is a comprehensive error logging tool that can be completely integrated. It can be dynamically plugged into a running ASP.NET web application as well as into all types of ASP.NET web applications on your computer, without recompiling or re-deploying the app.

Elastic Observability

A tool included in Elastic suite that allows monitoring of logs, performance, app infrastructure and users.

AWS CloudWatch

An Amazon Web Services tool that connects to more than 70 AWS services in order to help monitor and optimize them. It facilitates real time response thanks to alerts and automatic actions taken in critical situations.

Azure Monitor

A tool included in the Microsoft Azure suite that enables monitoring of server application status at a very detailed level and across multiple application infrastructure areas.

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Frequently asked questions

What do payments in Time & Material model involve?

You only pay for hours spent and effort made to control quality and performance of your application or expand it with new features. At the end of the month, we send you an invoice with a figure based on the number of work hours. It is worth noting that we specify the upper limit of hours we can devote to your project at the time of signing the contract, so you can be sure we will never exceed the budget limit that could jeopardize your investment.

What do payments in Subscription Fee model involve?

A monthly subscription payment is suitable when services are performed continuously and in a repetitive manner. You pay a fixed amount each month for a fixed range of services.

What is the average cost of application maintenance and support?

The average cost of maintaining an application is about 15-20% of the initial development cost per year, since you don't have to expand it with new functionalities, just fix bugs and perform standard activities. However, retaining users requires more effort.

Do I have to opt for all service segments at once?

No, having learned your needs, we will help you flexibly tailor segments of maintenance and support services, so that we only take care of these areas of your application that really need it.

How does cooperation begin?

At the beginning we analyze your enquiry and business needs, review the technologies used, map the functionality of your application and determine the scope of application support and maintenance that will be appropriate for you. Next we discuss the services in detail and draft a SLA agreement, which includes such information as support levels, performance requirements or an application expansion including new functionalities. It takes about 2-3 weeks to prepare the agreement. Finally, we set out standard operating procedures (SOPs) and launch the support and maintenance service for your application.

What does cooperation look like?

Our team constantly monitors the performance of your application and solves occurring problems. At the end of the month you get not only an invoice for the work done, but also a report including information about the detected problems and how they have been solved.

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Discovery Workshops
Product Design
Mobile Development in Flutter
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It is recommend when your project is at an early conceptual stage. The discovery workshop will let us explore the feasibility of the project and its market potential as well as enable us to identify the success factors. We will identify those functionalities that may pose a risk to the project and prepare a detailed development plan. At the final stage, we will prepare a low-fidelity mockup to provide you with a general visualization of your project.

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This service involves developing applications according to users' expectations. It is suitable for projects that are targeted at a particular market, have defined specifications and thought-out functionalities. It facilitates complementing business analysis with knowledge of user needs, which results in a highly detailed and well thought-out interactive graphic prototype. It is another factor helping verify the feasibility of the investment and reduce potential risks. Product Design service is also suitable for existing applications tackling such issues as low conversion or high complexity.

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A transparent software development service that facilitates comprehensive control of tasks, time and budget. A high-quality application development is conducted by means of regular functional testing steps and carefully maintained code repositories. It grants access to professionals with hands-on experience of 2-7 years.

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An optional post-development service for your mobile app that will guarantee a continuous app operation and let you keep calm and shift your focus to scaling your business and acquiring new customers. This is achieved by applying systems that analyze application performance, take care of cloud data backup and in a crisis situation, immediately respond and recover system performance.

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If you decide to cooperate with our entire team, you will gain access to a Project Manager who will align your business needs with a team of Flutter specialists, application designers, digital product programmers, and testers. This option is recommended if you do not have your own team, if your current team is generating too much internal cost, or if there is high employee turnover in your team.

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By choosing to hire individual specialists, you will have the opportunity to immediately expand your team with new competencies without multidisciplinary support. This option is recommended if the skills of your employees are insufficient to implement a non-standard solution or if frequent employee turnover leads to shortages in the team.

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