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How does our service differ?

Finding the right team for Flutter app development is challenging. You recognize Flutter's advantages and might need specialists for a new app, an upgrade, or filling a team's skills gap. We designed our Flutter Development service to address these specific needs.

Flexible solutions which meet your needs

As part of our cooperation, we are able to offer two Flutter solutions, depending on your needs. You can work directly with our entire team or hire individual specialists.


Cooperation with the development team


Hiring Flutter developers

Cooperation with the development team

Working with our Flutter team mirrors traditional app development: we set the project scope and customize the process for new or existing apps. You'll collaborate with a Project Manager who bridges your needs with our experts, giving you access to Flutter specialists, designers, and testers.

In which case is it beneficial to work with an entire team?

You want to develop an application in Flutter, but don't have your own team

Your current team generates too many internal costs and you want to replace them with an external one

There is too high staff turnover in your team, which makes it difficult to maintain a stable application development process in Flutter

Process transparency in actions, not words

Managing a project is a significant task. We aim for transparency in Flutter application development to ensure your peace of mind. Our approach is goal-driven, executed step by step as planned. We offer services like Strategic Workshop, Product Design, Flutter Development, and Maintenance. You have access to our tools and real-time team monitoring, ensuring accurate workflow and budget oversight.

You have two weeks to terminate cooperation with us

We prioritize meeting client expectations and securing your investment. With our contract, you can cancel within two weeks. It's crucial you're confident in your choices and our team. Past client feedback shows two weeks is enough to evaluate our team's effectiveness.

Hiring Flutter developers

If you need to expand your team immediately by adding new competencies without multidisciplinary support, you can hire our Flutter developers to join your project and help you develop it efficiently.

When is it worth hiring individual specialists?

When your employees’ competences are insufficient to implement a custom solution

When staff turnover leads to shortages in the team which need to be overcome

The right method to select devs

When you share your problem, we prioritize understanding your needs. If you have a team, we want to know their preferences. With this info, we ensure project success and seamless collaboration with our developers.

A week to terminate cooperation

Expectations differ. We assign top talent, but if they don't fit within a week, you can end our collaboration. This week lets you assess if our programmer is right for your project.

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We dispel all doubts at the very beginning

Frequently asked questions

How can I verify whether the selected specialist meets my needs?

After our analysis, you receive a list of candidates including concise information about their experience. You know which technologies they have worked with, you are provided information about the projects and problems they have dealt with. In addition, you are given the opportunity to personally confirm the competence of the proposed specialists, which guarantees you full control and security of the project.

Can I replace the assigned team members?

If you do not wish to terminate our cooperation, you have the option to replace the assigned developers at any time during the project.

Is Flutter the right technology to develop my application?

Flutter is the right choice in 90% of cases, but it largely depends on the type of application. The main and well-known reason why companies choose cross-platform development is cost-effectiveness and shorter development time as compared with the native development approach. Contrasted with other cross-platform applications, Flutter-based applications are the closest to native ones in terms of performance.

Looking for

Build your app end-to-end

Discovery Workshops
Product Design
Mobile Development in Flutter

It is recommend when your project is at an early conceptual stage. The discovery workshop will let us explore the feasibility of the project and its market potential as well as enable us to identify the success factors. We will identify those functionalities that may pose a risk to the project and prepare a detailed development plan. At the final stage, we will prepare a low-fidelity mockup to provide you with a general visualization of your project.

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This service involves developing applications according to users' expectations. It is suitable for projects that are targeted at a particular market, have defined specifications and thought-out functionalities. It facilitates complementing business analysis with knowledge of user needs, which results in a highly detailed and well thought-out interactive graphic prototype. It is another factor helping verify the feasibility of the investment and reduce potential risks. Product Design service is also suitable for existing applications tackling such issues as low conversion or high complexity.

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A transparent software development service that facilitates comprehensive control of tasks, time and budget. A high-quality application development is conducted by means of regular functional testing steps and carefully maintained code repositories. It grants access to professionals with hands-on experience of 2-7 years.

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An optional post-development service for your mobile app that will guarantee a continuous app operation and let you keep calm and shift your focus to scaling your business and acquiring new customers. This is achieved by applying systems that analyze application performance, take care of cloud data backup and in a crisis situation, immediately respond and recover system performance.

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