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Frequently asked questions to us

What happens when I send you my phone number and email address?

Our customer service representative will contact you as soon as possible. They will want to know your needs and what project you want to implement. Then they will present potential solution paths for your idea.

Who will contact you?

The technical customer service representative is the person who will contact you. This is a competent person who understands from a technical level how mobile application projects are implemented. As a result, they will not have to refer you to another expert, and they will be able to answer many questions during the first conversation, saving your time.

How much does it cost to create a mobile application?

Creating an application is a complex process, but with us, it's clear and enjoyable. It includes a range of services such as designing the application, creating and maintaining it. The price depends on the complexity and stage of your project. It also depends on the size of the team needed to create your application. You can receive a preliminary estimate during a conversation with the technical customer service representative. We provide mobile solutions for small, medium, and corporate businesses.

What does the valuation process look like?

We prepare the estimate in three steps. Each of them makes the estimate more precise. During the first conversation, you get a wide range of costs that may be needed to implement a mobile application. The second step is a longer conversation during which we will map your requirement list, and the last one is Discovery Workshops, after which the estimate will be precise and best reflect the actual view of the costs associated with producing a mobile application.

Does contact oblige you to anything?

No, talking to us doesn't oblige you to anything. During the first contact, we will answer your most important questions. If we find areas where we can help you, we will set up a second conversation during which we will get to know your requirements much more precisely.