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A mobile application for iOS and Android dedicated to caravanning enthusiasts.

Project details

December 2020 – September 2021
Collaboration model
Time & Material
1 Project Manager, 3 Developers, 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 Manual Tester

Project timeline

2020 December

The client provided our team with the requirements and the application views.

2021 January - May

Development of the mobile application including simultaneous manual testing.

2021 January

The final test session, the client’s approval of the developed app and its deployment to the Google Play store and AppStore.

2021 July - September

Designing, monitoring and expanding the application with new features.

About the application

The iCamp application is an online space dedicated to caravanning enthusiasts, where everyone can obtain some information about this wonderful passion.

The app is a great source of information on organizing a trip or potential destinations. It offers many additional features such as SOS signal broadcasting and route planning.



When the client contacted us, they had already had the application views and a set of requirements. The client’s goal of hiring our team was to develop the mobile application according to the provided guidelines. An important assumption was to make the app available to users before the start of the tourist season.

Mobile app
development process

1 Organisational meeting

The project began with a meeting to discuss in detail the needs and goals of our client. We obtained information regarding the assumptions the application was supposed to meet and its desired functionalities, and took a closer look at the various views which the client provided. We proposed the best development process that would meet the client's expectations.

2 Mobile App Development

Having received the quotation, the client decided to entrust us with the application’s development. We planned the programming work right at the beginning, and then proceeded with development

A Assembling the development team

We assembled the development and testing team, taking into account the necessary competencies for the application production.

B An in-depth technical description of functionalities and roadmap

Treating the user flow as a foundation, the developers (supervised by the project manager) planned the functionalities from a technical point of view, in order to eliminate the risk of postponing the development. Next, they prepared the final project roadmap.

C Starting the step-by-step development of functionalities

The app development began and the first features were implemented.

D Quality assurance

We ensured quality by means of test scenarios and multiple manual tests conducted during the development process. The client was confident that the application would be bug-free

E Approval and deployment

When all the functionalities were implemented and tested by our team, it was time for our client to approve the application and then release it to the Google Play and AppStore stores.

3 Maintenance

The application turned out to be a huge success proven by the high number of downloads before the tourist season, so our client decided to develop it further. The purpose of maintenance was to monitor the app status due to fluctuating user traffic as well as to expand the app with new features.

A Adding new features

The client informed us that they wanted to implement a feature of seeking help by means of a SOS signal and a feature of route planning, therefore we designed the required features and implemented them in the application based on previous views

B Monitoring application status

The implementation of Google Analytics systems into the application and configuration of events.


The client received a high-performance application available for both Android and iOS platforms. The use of Flutter technology allowed the team to develop the application before the tourist season, which was a very important goal for the client.

The application was appreciated by users and was downloaded from the Google Play and AppStore stores more than 1,000 times in total on the day of its release.

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