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Discount coupons for many prestigious retailers available in one application.

Project details

July 2021 - Ongoing
Cooperation model
Time & Material
1 Project Manager, 2 Developers, 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 Manual Tester

Project timeline

2021 July

Product design workshops aimed at establishing a new direction for the application.

2021 August - September

Designing a new look of the mobile application and verifying functionalities assumptions.

2021 October

Kick-off and start of the new application development using Flutter.

2022 April

The application is released in Google Play store and AppStore.

2022 May – ongoing

Maintenance, support and expansion of the application.

About cross platform mobile app

Laviro is a mobile app offering discount coupons that allow users to shop at prestigious retailers in Europe, both online and in traditional outlets. With a single subscription, users have access to discounts at hundreds of stores. An undisputed competitive advantage of this cross platform mobile app is the ability to exchange unwanted coupons with other users in the app community or via the coupon market.



The client approached us with a ready application design that did not fully meet their expectations. Having an initial scope of requirements, the goal was to design a new version of the app and develop user-friendly functionalities.

Mobile app
development process

1 Organizational meeting

The project began with a meeting to discuss in detail the needs and goals of our client. We obtained information regarding the assumptions the application was supposed to meet and its desired functionalities, and took a closer look at the various views which the client provided. We proposed the best development process that would meet the client's expectations.

2 Product Design

As our goal was to redesign the application, our process began with Product Design to best refine the user experience and layout of the app.

A Personas

Initially, we learned about the user's customer personas, which allowed us to get an idea of the application’s target user

B Mapping the existing user flow

So as to ensure intuitive functionalities, we first mapped the user paths based on the provided views.

C User flow - based application architecture

Having dozens of different user paths, we created the information architecture based on the existing application design, which allowed us to identify the main paths and the side ones.

D User flow optimization

We optimized user paths in those areas that were too complicated and eliminated events which could potentially confuse the user.

E New information architecture

Using the optimized user paths as a foundation, we developed a new architecture. We planned the main path and side paths.

F Lo-Fi

Having the UI architecture ready, the designer began to design low-fidelity views.

G Lo-fi versions testing & selecting the best one

Having prepared several design concepts, we gathered a group of candidates similar to the client's persona and checked which prototype was most suitable for them.

H Hi-F

We visually designed the tested concept of the mobile application according to the newly adopted guidelines.

I Client’s approval of the new design

The client received and approved the new visual design of their application.

J Quotation re-estimation

Taking the prepared design and knowledge of the complexity of the application into account, we prepared a new quotation for the client to ensure the greatest possible security related to budget allocation and the development timing.

3 Mobile App Development

The client decided to entrust us with further work, so we planned the programming tasks right at the beginning and then proceeded with the development.

A Assembling the development team

We assembled the development and testing team, taking into account the necessary competencies for the application production.

B An in-depth technical description of functionalities and roadmap

Treating the user flow as a foundation, the developers (supervised by the project manager) planned the functionalities from a technical point of view, in order to eliminate the risk of postponing the development. Next, they prepared the final project roadmap.

C Starting the step-by-step development of functionalities

The app development began and the first features were implemented.

D Quality assurancee

We ensured quality by means of test scenarios and multiple manual tests conducted during the development process. The client was confident that the application would be bug-free

E Approval and deployment

When all the functionalities were implemented and tested by our team, it was time for our client to approve the application and then release it to the Google Play and AppStore stores.

4 Maintenance

Once the mobile application was completed, the client decided to implement quality control, performance optimization and develop the app further. The decision was related to the undertaken marketing activities. The service was chosen in order to guarantee the uninterrupted performance of the application, and to ensure an immediate response in a critical situation. As the client received additional feedback from the app users, the decision was taken to add new features to the application.


The client received a modern cross platform mobile application, with an intuitive user interface and very fast performance. A properly planned process tailored to the client's needs ensured that the project was predictable in terms of time and budget. The released application has already been supported by hundreds of users and its community is growing rapidly.

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