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Creating a mobile app requires comprehensive market analysis, user insight, competition awareness, and resource management. Our tool simplifies these tasks, aiding from the initial idea to product launch.

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Case study


Using our canvas, the startup "WonderElders" addressed the issue of social isolation among seniors by creating an app that facilitates easy and intuitive connections with loved ones. The canvas allowed them to deeply understand the specifics and needs of older users, and identify gaps in the competition's offerings. As a result, they created a unique product tailored to seniors that combines ease of use with high functionality. The canvas also helped "WonderElders" precisely define their target audience's communication channels and construct an effective business model. The outcome of these actions is market success and a significant improvement in the quality of life for many seniors.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have experience in creating apps to use the Canvas?

No, our Canvas is designed to help both experienced app creators and those who are just starting their journey with this process.

How can I use the Canvas?

We offer two options to choose from. You can use our canvas with Miro if you want to use it fully interactively or download a PDF version, which you can print and answer each of the questions in any form you choose.

Can I use the Canvas if my app is already in development?

Yes, you can use the Canvas at any stage of app development. It can help you identify potential issues and define the direction of development.

Will the Canvas help me monetize my app?

Yes, one of the elements of the Canvas is a section on monetization and cost management, designed to help you identify revenue-generating strategies.

Can I share the Canvas with my team?

Of course! We actually encourage it! Using the Canvas by the entire team can help in communication and better understanding of project goals.

Is there support available if I encounter any problems while using the Canvas?

Yes, our support team is at your disposal. Contact us using the form on our website.

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