Rebuild app with Flutter

Migrate you current Android/iOS application to Flutter and optimise performance or user experience with Fluttter experts.

How we can help you?

Migrate your Android/iOS app to Flutter

If you have an Android or iOS app, you may easily migrate it to both platforms simultaneously using Flutter. It is worth considering migration to Flutter when your current app is out-of-date and it needs greater compatibility with newest devices. When your mobile app needs performance optimisation, design or user experience, migration of a native app to Flutter will be a good solution too.

Optimize current mobile app

Is performance, user experience, maintainance cost or design a weakness of your native mobile application? It is the best time to change it. With Flutter, we may optimize performance, design and user experience of your mobile application in short time. Moreover, migration to Flutter platform allows you to optimize maintainance cost thanks to development by a single team of experts.

That’s not what you need?

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Why Flutter?

Flutter is a Google framework that allows the development of native iOS and Android from a single codebase.

What this means for you is that applications can be developed much more quickly, with the additional benefit of reduced costs. This can be a great advantage for startups or anyone wanting to create an MVP. Thanks to Flutter’s multi-layer architecture, applications render very quickly, leading to a more pleasant experience for the user.

For us, an application with a single codebase facilitates quick testing and bug fixing.

Popular projects build with Flutter:

Avg. time to develop mobile application
with different methods (in hours)
  • Android (400h)
  • iOS (400h)
  • Flutter (500h)
  • Android + iOS (1000h)

Why choose FlutterMate?

Our developers are passionate about Flutter and have been with us for many years. This translates to invaluable experience, stability, and extended support for your mobile app. FlutterMate’s attention to detail and understanding of business needs allow us to avoid common obstacles, especially in the pre-development stage.

Reasons to choose us:

  • 10 years of software development experience
  • Over 80 app projects successfully completed
  • Experience in over 14 industries

Our competitve advantages

Transfer of IP

We guarantee that you’re the owner of Intellectual Property rights from the project’s kick-off to the end of the world!

2 weeks free contract cancelation

Are you uncertain? You have 2 weeks to cancel your contract free of charge. It’s a good time to trial cooperation with us!

Focusing on business goals

Product isn’t good if it doesn’t resolve the business or users’ challenges and meet their goals. We focus on those issues including budget estimation and offer the most suitable solution for you.

Outcomes first

We know that workshops, design and programming are important but at the end of the day, you expect results. To meet your expectations, we have divided our workflow into many stages, thanks to which you see the results of working with us step by step.

Transparent services

We don’t work for you, we work with you! Thanks to this, you clearly understand what’s going on with your project and we build a relationship based on trust, which is the most important value for us.

4 years’ experience in Flutter

It’s simple! Like a good aunt looking after a baby since its birth, we take care of Flutter! For 4 years we have resolved hundreds of our client’s challenges using Flutter, thanks to which we have sufficient experience to resolve yours.

Your aren’t sure?

Working with us step-by-step:

2 weeks

1. Scoping & estimation

After submitting the contact form, we’ll review your needs and set up a video call. We’ll discuss your project in greater detail and see how we can help. Desired outcomes, challenges or previous apps—the more information you provide us with, the better we’ll be able to understand your needs.

2 to 4 weeks

2. Workshops & preparation

Before we get to work on your project, we’ll invite key people from your team to take part in a project workshop. At this stage, we’ll choose the right developers for your task, determine the scope of what needs to be done and assign a dedicated project manager that will be with you throughout the whole period of our cooperation.

4 to 20 weeks

3. Design & development

Once we fully understand your needs and put together the right team, we’ll get to work on your app! At FlutterMate, we work using agile and it can take approx. 4-20 weeks to finish development, depending on the size of the project.

During dev

4. Testing

Before we hand over your project, we want to make sure everything is perfect. Our team thoroughly tests the entire app using use both manual and automatic testing to ensure any bugs and errors don’t go unnoticed.

On finish

5. Product release

Hooray! Once we’ve reached the finish line, we hand over your application and it’s ready to be used. As part of the project, we’re able to add your app to AppStore and Google Play—at no extra cost. Our many years of experience allow us to avoid common problems and make the publishing process a breeze.


6. Ongoing support

If you wish, we’re able to continue supporting you in the further development of your app or provide consulting services.

Our team

Flutter specialists, who will work with you
to resolve your challenges!

Free consultation

Contact with success manager and describe your challenge. It’s free! Always!

    What next?

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