QMS Everywhere

A queue management application created using Flutter to manage the flow of customers at busy establishments.

About the project

The QMS queuing app turns the often frustrating experience of waiting in line into a customer-friendly solution for businesses and organizations.

How does it work? The user collects their queueing ticket in the mobile app and is able to track their place in line. Once it’s their turn, they receive an alert that it’s time to show up at the appropriate desk or station. 

Aside from queueing, users can also book appointments directly through the app.

Customers are not the only users that benefit from QMS Everywhere; the facility administrator can monitor the current traffic in the establishment and quickly react.

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  • Developing a mobile queueing application
  • Updating the existing system to the latest technology
  • Ensuring 24/7 uptime of the system’s operations


  • A brand new mobile app was created for Android and iOS using Flutter
  • New and key functionalities were implemented for the overall operation of the system


  • Users are able to easily book appointments at institutions and virtually queue from their device using the QMS system
  • Thanks to Flutter, QMS Everywhere runs smoothly on both new and older mobile devices
  • The entire operation of the system has been optimised

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The final result

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