Discount coupons for many prestigious vendors in one iOS and Android application.

About the project

Laviro is a mobile application for users of the iOS and Android operating systems including coupons which allow users to shop at prestigious vendors from the United Kingdom and Poland – both in online stores and traditional retail outlets. Access to the coupons is granted to users in the mobile application after buying a subscription. A purchased subscription is valid up to the last day of the year and its price changes dynamically depending on the number of other days. The app also takes special care of the youth and students, for whom Laviro has a special discount.

Coupons are groupped by categories and it’s possible to explore them using a standard list or a map. Choosing one of them, users get all the information not only about discounts, but also  contact information or approach guide.

The functionality which makes the app stand out from the competitors is a possibility to exchange coupons for others if they  don’t suit us. Users have a possibility to do this by coupon market or chatting with other users. Those are disruptive functionalities in this type of application, because it is the user who is in charge of their coupons, may compare them to their needs or interests and a finite number of coupons is maximally used by community.

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Coupons market

The coupon market relies on exchanging coupons by users for others from an additional list provided by the Laviro market. One coupon may be exchanged for another coupon from the list. The list of the coupons is updated constantly, which engages users to check regularly what Laviro market offers.

Exchange with other users

The mobile application for customers is not the whole story. To tick all the boxes of stakeholders, our team has prepared a Laviro POS application, which is used to scan coupons in traditional retail outlets of vendors or in online stores. Thanks to that, users may exchange their coupons for attractive discounts.

Laviro POS for B2B

Exchange using chat involves users posting a global message about the coupons they have and for which they want to exchange. Another user may respond to this message and after negotiations, is able to exchange coupons in any number. Thanks to this, the app community is built and users are engaged to browse the application.

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