An iOS and Android mobile application dedicated to the passion for caravanning.

About the project

The iCamp app is an online community for caravanning enthusiasts, where users can plan trips, discover new camper sites, ask for help, and much more.

The project included the development of the app based on the client’s visual requirements as well as a thorough understanding of the needs of iCamp and the end-user.

This allowed FlutterMate to create an iOS and Android app, which is a valuable source of information for planning caravanning trips and finding sites to book. It contains features such as a location search engine (using both advanced text search and map search), being able to broadcast an SOS signal, and a trip planner.

iCamp’s success was already visible on the day of its premiere; over 1000 users downloaded the app from Google Play and AppStore store.

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  • Connection with WordPress database
  • Fast support for loading over 10,000 objects in the application
  • Creating a useful app for caravanning enthusiasts that’s also intuitive to use


  • An application for Android and iOS built with cross-platform technology
  • Integration with the WordPress web service, ensuring all data is kept up-to-date


  • Users can discover new dream spots for caravanning, plan their next trip or ask the community for advice
  • All the information in the app, such as where it’s possible to park for the night, is kept up to date
  • The modular design of the app makes it easy to add new features

The project in numbers


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The final result

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