A unique dialler app that serves as a communication channel between recruitment consultants and Ukrainian citizens planning to work in Poland.

About the project

Bisar S.A. is a national employment agency with an international reach. It is made up of an experienced team with over 10 years of experience in the HR industry.

The iOS and Android application created with Flutter is a dialler that serves as a free communication channel between the Bisar S.A. call center and Ukrainian citizens looking for employment in Poland. 

The reason behind the creation of such an app was the lack of an accessible solution for Ukrainian citizens. Directly calling the call center from Ukraine was too expensive, while the use of the Viber application (the most popular messenger app in Ukraine) did not meet the company’s expectations. A call made by a citizen of Ukraine via the Bisar application goes to the VoIP telephone exchange via the SIP protocol and is then allocated to a free consultant.

Enabling such communication channel increased the popularity of Bisar S.A. as an employment agency and increased the number of inquiries from Ukrainian citizens.

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